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We are a leading manufacturer of high-quality Disposable Gloves(TPE & CPE & PE)、Nitrile/Vinyl Gloves、 N95/FFP2 Face Mask and other personal protection products. With extensive experience in supplying the industrial safety, janitorial, food service, food processing, and medical markets worldwide, we can tailor our services to meet your specific objectives. Our valuable insights combined with our wide range of superior PPE products will boost your sales. Whether you need a small order or a large container or truckload shipment, we have the capacity to fulfill all your requirements and surpass expectations.


Sustainable practices

At Damao Gloves, sustainability isn’t just our guide; it’s the soul of our company. We’re committed to ensuring every operation and innovation aligns with the Earth’s well-being. Our dedication goes beyond words—it’s ingrained in our respect for the planet and our hope for the future.

Our aim is ambitious and clear. We embed eco-consciousness into every aspect of our products, from conception to delivery. It’s not just about respecting nature; it’s investing in our future. As we seek economic growth, we also strive to blend eco-friendliness with innovation, making a positive, sustainable impact on our planet.

We’re not just creating gloves at Damao Gloves; we’re crafting a greener, brighter future. Our ongoing efforts in our operations, business impact, and global community engagement are steps towards this lofty goal. Every decision and action we take is a solid pledge to a sustainable future.

在Damao Gloves,可持续性不仅是我们行动的指南针,也是我们企业灵魂的闪光点。我们坚信,每一步操作、每一个创新的灵感,都应与地球的和谐共存紧密相连。我们的承诺不仅仅停留在字面上,而是深深植根于我们对地球的尊重和对未来的热切期待之中。


在Damao Gloves,我们不只是制造手套,我们正在编织一个更加绿色、更加美好的未来。通过我们在运营、商业影响,乃至于对全球社区的参与和贡献上的不懈努力,我们正在一步步实现这个宏伟的梦想。我们的每一个决策,每一个行动,都是对可持续未来的坚定承诺。

Did you know that each year, 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in landfills, oceans, and waterways, with Southeast Asia being among the regions most severely affected by plastic pollution?

This is precisely why, in addition to offering compostable and biodegradable gloves as an alternative to synthetic plastic gloves that would otherwise contribute to landfill waste or persist in the environment for decades, we have partnered with Plastic Recycling Machinery. This collaboration aims to recover general plastic waste from the countries and areas most impacted by the plastic pollution crisis. Through Plastic Recycling, local communities are employed at a fair living wage to collect plastic from the environment, which is then upcycled into new products, thereby reducing the demand for new plastic production.


正因为如此,我们不仅提供可堆肥和生物降解的手套(这是对合成塑料手套的一种替代品,后者可能会被送往垃圾填埋场或在环境中持续存在数十年),而且还与Plastic Recycling Machinery合作,帮助从塑料污染危机最严重的国家和地区回收普通塑料废物。通过Plastic Recycling,当地社区的居民以公平的生活工资被雇佣来从景观中回收塑料,然后将这些塑料升级再造成新产品,避免了对新塑料的进一步需求。

plastic recycling machine
PET Bottle waste


At Damao Gloves we obsess over every detail in our products. We adhere to the highest international standards and specifications to create a product that everyone can come to love and rely on. We are always striving for perfection and are constantly innovating and improving our products to meet our customers’ needs.