The Pros and Cons of Shoulder Length Plastic Gloves


In an array of professions such as veterinary medicine, food service, and industrial settings, shoulder length plastic gloves have seen a surge in popularity. These gloves offer extended protection to the wearer’s arms, in addition to safeguarding hands and fingers. However, their usage has sparked a debate around their effectiveness, safety, and environmental implications. This blog post delves into the advantages and disadvantages of shoulder length plastic gloves, assessing their suitability for diverse applications.


The foremost benefit of shoulder length plastic gloves lies in their extended arm protection. This becomes crucial in industries where there’s a risk of exposure to hazardous substances or biological agents. Veterinarians and animal handlers often need to reach deep into animal enclosures or carry out procedures that require extended arm coverage. Similarly, food service workers may need to handle extremely hot or cold items, risking burns or frostbite. Shoulder length plastic gloves can mitigate these risks and lower the possibility of contamination.

Ease of use and disposal is another advantage of these gloves. They are generally made of lightweight materials, which facilitate easy movement and can be promptly removed and replaced as needed. This makes them perfect for tasks requiring frequent glove changes, like food preparation or medical procedures. Moreover, plastic gloves are relatively inexpensive, making them a cost-effective option for many businesses.

For those seeking gloves that combine strength with softness, EVA veterinary long gloves are a viable option. Infused with EVA, these gloves are designed with durability in mind, especially when used inside animal bodies, necessitating a certain thickness. They find their primary use in veterinary, nursing, examination, farm, and livestock industries, offering protection against animal blood, water, oil, and dust. However, they are not suitable for animal surgical procedures.

Key Features:

Durable: These gloves are made from high-quality soft plastic, providing an optimal feel. The long arm soft gloves are more user-friendly and comfortable. They are 35″ / 90cm long, with a double thickness of 0.04mm, and come in a box of 100 pcs.

Cleanliness & Protection: The 35″ extra-long gloves offer added protection and coverage. Designed for one-time use, they ensure easy and quick clean up. The gloves cover your arms and keep them clean without the discomfort of wearing rubber gloves.

Animal Breeding: These gloves are primarily used for artificial insemination of cattle, buffalo, horses, and donkeys.

Multi-Purpose: The “One Size Fits Most” sizing allows most users to wear gloves or sleeve protectors underneath. These gloves are ideal for industrial use, handling, cleaning, painting, and more!

Perforation Problem Solved: These gloves are a great aid for artificial insemination inspection.

Standard Quality: AQL 2.0

Packing Information: 100pcs per box, 10boxes per carton

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